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The John Muir Trail

Standing in the middle of a river, in a torrential downpour, two days walk from the nearest road, I wondered why I had ever wanted to hike the JMT. Day 7 of the John Muir Trail was a miserable one. After18.3 rainy miles, a thigh deep river and three miserable miles...

No, I Did NOT Summit Mt. Everest

The most common question people ask when I tell them that I hiked to Everest Base Camp is, “Wow! You went to the top?” I laugh and say “Hell no!” To be clear: I did not summit, or even attempt to summit Mt. Everest. I did, however, stand at the base of it and spend...


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South America (931)How it all began…

Since I was a little girl, I have longed for adventure. As my parents had likely anticipated, when I moved across the country at the age of seventeen, college was the last thing on my mind. Unlike most of my friends and coworkers, today never mattered. Tomorrow was everything and exploring the world was all I dreamt about. I spent the next nine years of my life making those dreams reality. Pictures that had once caught my attention in travel magazines became cherished memories, accompanied by smells, sounds and a fortune of perspective.

Along the way, I have met some pretty awesome people, including my husband, Brian, in 2010. Sharing a strong desire to see far away places and enjoy the outdoors, the possibilities seemed endless. I had been planning a trip to Machu Picchu for some time, so when Brian told me he was planning to travel Patagonia that winter, it was a no brainer.

Rule #1: Take advantage of every opportunity!

J+B fitz Roy After a month alone in Peru eating ceviche, walking through the world’s second deepest canyon and trekking to the breath taking ruins of Machu Picchu, Brian and I met in Northern Chile and began an amazing journey that continues today. One month after our return, Brian asked me to marry him and our lives have been nothing short of constant adventure. We have visited six continents, wandered some of the world’s wildest regions, seen awe inspiring sights and met life long friends.

Today, our list of “Places to see!” is longer than ever. From extensive trips abroad to short three-day ultralight backpacking trips, the world beckons. Ultimately, we just try to stay on our feet and on the road, experiencing as much as possible.This blog consists of my experiences backpacking abroad and at home. It contains travel and backpacking itineraries filled with amusing and challenging stories. I hope these stories and resources will inspire you to take the time to experience the outdoors and the world in a more intimate way. Maybe my stories can even help you find your way.